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System Walls.

The Askon System wall is more than just a wall …

The many applications, in addition to the colour and shape, but also the many accessories make this wall into a complete wall system. Our wall systems are not only highly functional, but create a unique atmosphere as well.


Brief technical information.


Wall thickness 100 mm
Wall height Variable
Edge construction Aluminium
Window and door frame Aluminium
Module width 1.200 mm
Plating / wall covering Gypsum vinyl, laminated chipboard, sheet metal (magnetic), MDF
Glazing Choice of single or double, safety glass, patterned glass, glass covered with foil or sandblasted, glass elements provided with Venetian blinds and lamellas.
Doors Channel chip / stump in various sizes with or without glass opening(s). Tempered glass doors, floor to ceiling doors, sliding doors and double doors also fit perfectly into this wall system.


Aluminium Natural anodized, RAL 9016 (white) and all other RAL colours.
Vinyl An extensive choice of colours, textures and qualities is available. In the basic version white vinyl is supplied.
Doors The doors are available with a plastic top layer (HPL) in various colours and timber designs.
Inlay strips Gray, white and black are the standard colours, other colours are available.

Fire resistance / sound insulation

dense wall
Askon System Wall in basic finish, made with solid wall portion Noise: 44 dB
Askon System Wall in fire resistant construction, solid wall portion Fire resistance: 37 minutes – Noise: 48 dB
Door and frame
Askon System Wall in fire resistant construction, solid door Fire resistance: 39 minutes
Askon System Wall in fire resistant construction, glass door opening Fire resistance: 34 minutes



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