Wipro 25 jaar

Askon systeemwanden.

Wipro BV located in Winterswijk, manufactures partition walls (movable partitions) under the name ‘Askon System wall’. In addition, our product line includes various accessories, provided for the wall systems. The walls are available in a variety of colours, designs, shapes and materials. High quality, quick delivery and flexibility are the standards we uphold at Wipro. Sales and installation of the Askon System wall are provided by a large number of outfitting companies in various countries.

The Askon System wall is a flexible product and is therefore suitable for all your requirements. The panels, profiles, doors, latches and hinges are available in many designs, and are also mutually compatible.

In addition to the walls, Wipro provides a number of matching accessories such as, cabinets,
mobile office partition walls and whiteboards. In this brochure, we will present to you the almost limitless potential of the Askon system wall.

Opting for the Askon System wall means:
  • extensive possibilities
  • quick deliver
  • expert advice and technical support
  • excellent price / quality ratio

Basic Versions

Askon System wall is available in 3 basic versions:

  • The panels are separated by omega profiles which can be finished with either an inlay piping or aluminium snap frame.
  • Null wall joints. The dense wall panels connect almost seamlessly. Omega profiles are not used.
  • Full glass wall. These walls are almost entirely made of glass from floor to ceiling.
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